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New Beginnings in 2016

New Beginnings in 2016

Online dating (and, notably, divorce…) is at an all time high at the beginning of the year. In fact, January 3rd is known as “Super Sunday”. Why? I hear you ask.

The Christmas and New Year season is a high time for romance and love so unfortunately a depressing time for single people. At Christmas time, families get together and it’s not uncommon for an Aunt you see once a year to ask “Oh, haven’t you got married yet?” or “How come you’re not dating?”. It may make people think about the cold, hard truth, that they really want a family of their own one day to sit around the dinner table at Christmas and New Year, and they actually do want someone to love and spend time with. With the increase in hours of work, it is difficult to find time for real-life dating so people turn to online dating for a more convenient substitute. With all the engagements over the holiday period and pictures of people kissing under the mistletoe, it’s hard not to feel lonely… Additionally, the next big celebration in the year is Valentine’s day! Nobody wants to be alone on Valentine’s day…

Another reason for the increase in sign-ups on dating sites is because the vast majority of people are on off work with more time to spend online.

According to a spokeswoman for IAC Corp., there was a 30% increase in sign-ups on OKCupid last Sunday (3rd January 2016).

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