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The Worst Date Conversation Topics

The Worst Date Conversation Topics

Have you ever been on a date where there was an awkward silence? The worst is on restaurant dates when you’re sitting at a table and you’re not sure how to eat because you have to keep up the conversation but you also have to eat, and obviously you can’t talk while you eat… What could be worse than that? We here at Top-Dating genuinely believe that an awful conversation is even worse than the awkward silence. In this article, we’re going to mention a few of the worst ever date topics that would most certainly end in disaster.


– Nobody want to talk about politics on a date. Nobody. A date is an opportunity to get to know someone and have some fun, but political views are dull and extremely controversial. You could risk losing out on a wonderful person with an amazing personality just because you both don’t have the similar political views. Does your dream date really need to have the same political views as you? If not, then avoid this topic of conversation at all costs, because it will only work to your detriment. Nobody wants to talk about Donald Trump over a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres.


– For those people who are searching for a date with similar religious beliefs, there are some really good niche dating sites like Catholic Match and Even if you are on a date with someone of the same religion as you, try to avoid talking about religion because your partner may not be as deep into the religion as you. If you don’t know the religion of your date, skip the topic altogether because you risk saying something offensive and hurting the feelings of your date. As mentioned in point 1, a date is an opportunity to have fun and relax and religion is one of those controversial topics that could totally ruin the whole date.

Past relationships

– Even though a date is your chance to introduce yourself fully and learn more about your partner, you don’t need to include information about all your past relationships. Don’t even make jokes or references because this can potentially spoil your date. Nobody wants to date someone who is still thinking about their ex. Give your date your full attention.


– Avoid talking about commitment on a date (especially on the first few dates) because this could scare off your date. Even if on your online dating profiles you both put that you’re looking for a serious relationship, it can be really awkward to talk about it on a date. Subtly drop a hint at the end of the date to ensure another date and then continue dating until it is understood that you’re committed without it being said. When the time is right, this conversation will come for itself with the natural flow of things. You don’t need to force it when the time isn’t right.


– One surefire way to make a date awkward is to talk about sex when your partner isn’t into it. Perhaps your goal is to invite your date over to yours for the night, but you don’t need to talk about it over the dinner table. It’s very tacky and gives the impression that you’re focussed on one thing or you’re on the date just for the sex.


– Have fun on your date; let go and be yourself. You don’t need to throw all your worries on your date! There’s no need to talk about work, problems, money issues, etc. This will make your date think you’re a stressful person and he/she probably won’t want to further your relationship. Your date has problems of their own and doesn’t need to add to his/her load! Lighten up and relax.

Feel free to share your experiences of awkward conversation topics in the comments section below!

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