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Ashley Madison
General overview :
  • Size of community

  • User interface quality

  • Cost and support


Ashley Madison is one of the most well known and discreet extramarital dating sites on the market. It has been endorsed by big names like the Times, BBC News, , This notorious platform in the world of infidelity is known to feature millions of married women looking for a sexual adventure with no strings attached. This is an ideal platform to find married men and women searching for casual and short-term relationships. There are 42,745,000 anonymous members on Ashley Madison at the moment.


Ashley Madison has been the preferred extramarital dating site in the UK since its launch in 2013 and has since gained the award for the best adulterous dating site worldwide. Its huge member base can probably be accredited to the fact that this site is specifically directed at satisfying the desires of married women and men looking for new sensations, exciting adventures, seduction and sex-appeal.
The site is free for women, which is an interesting and useful advantage for the ladies who aren’t confident diving straight into the deep end and also the men who have a wide range of attractive women to get into contact with. Ashley Madison is openly focused on creating intimate and casual relationships. Single people can also feel free to join.
Rest assured, this site is not solely about sexual pursuit! The objective of the site is to find yourself a charming and attractive individual with whom you can reawaken your passion and sense of adventure. This does not necessarily mean you have to engage in a scandalous rendez-vous (but if that is your goal, it is achievable as well)! Women on this site can enjoy being flirted with without fear of being disrespected or considered as a sex object. The content and atmosphere on the site is proper and respectable. Ashley Madison also guarantees discretion for all members.

Simplicity of the Interface

There are many interesting features on Ashley Madison such as chat, advanced search, messaging, public/private photo albums, intuitive interface and many more!
After you sign up, you can immediately start browsing profiles. On the search tool, you can specify the age range that interests you, the member’s distance from you and the time they were last online (within the last 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.) to filter profiles and more easily find someone that interests you. You can see all the members that visited your profile even with a free account.
There is a feature called “Travelling Woman” which is created so that if women are going on a holiday, they can put in the arrival and departure dates and destination in order to find a man who will be around at the same time in order to have a fleeting affair.

Membership Fees

There is no paid subscription but there is an interesting payment system that differs from other dating sites.
Women do not pay anything to be members on this site. However, men pay for “credits” which are used in exchange for sending messages to ladies, engaging in live chat and sending gifts.

• No direct subscription

• Free for women

• Anonymous

• Advanced search allows you to find a partner near you

• Your physical characteristics are featured on your profile

• You have to pay to remove your entire profile


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  1. Marlon - 3 December 2015 at 17 h 59 min

    i’m loking for someone to relight my fire

  2. Alexandria - 9 December 2015 at 10 h 17 min

    I love the “travelling woman” section because when I work abroad, it is the prime opportunity to have a casual fling with a handsome man from another country. It is so exciting and no need to worry about bumping into someone who knows you’re married <3 !

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