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How to flirt efficiently in Public

How to flirt efficiently in Public

Flirting outside can be an extremely exciting experience. It’s something about the adrenaline rush and the fact that you can never be in your comfort zone. On the streets, noone knows who you are, whether you’re the Director of Telecommunications or the local school janitor. The people you meet judge you on your behaviour, the way you speak and how confident you are. Additionally, you never know what to expect and the streets are like a market of women- every day there’s someone new and someone more beautiful. You must portray yourself as bold and seductive and one way to be truly confident is to take our expert advice on board.

Before anything else…

Firstly, know that anywhere is a good place to try flirting; buses, trains, business places and shops included! Don’t hesitate to try something different and vary the places you go to try your luck. With time and experience, you will find out which places are most successful for you.

When going out, practice being aware of your surroundings and noticing when girls look at you with interest. If they look at you, you can easily give a warm regard in return and throw back a smile.

The moment you meet!

If you meet a girl you like, you may very well be smitten, but how do you know if she likes you back? Perhaps she looked at you several times, smiled at you for a long moment or won’t stop twirling her hair as she looks at you. Now’s your chance! Don’t be afraid.

All you need is a good pick-up line which only exists as an excuse to start talking with her.

Avoid starting the conversation with your reason for coming over, such as “I saw you looking at me so I came to see you”. No. Girls don’t like it when men make assumptions about them. For example, you can ask her what time it is and continue the conversation with whatever feels right in the moment. Be bold! You could even drop the act immediately and admit that your pick-up line was just an excuse to talk to her.

Next, just talk without premeditation, don’t put pressure on yourself. Listen to her and reply. Ask her questions without bombarding her. Be sincere and thoughtful. Imagine this conversation is a perfectly normal chat, as if you’re chatting with a friend.

The crucial step

The crucial step is to place yourself in the girl’s future plans. This is the only way to ensure you will see the beautiful woman again. But why, you may ask. Isn’t it too soon? To answer this question, we need to put ourselves in the girl’s shoes. For her, you’re just a stranger for the moment. She needs more time to get to know you. To do this, place yourself in her agenda to show that you’re bold and seductive, to ensure you meet again and to allow her time to get to know you. Find out what you have in common in this first conversation so that you can plan to do something together that both of you are interested in! Ask her, even as a joke, if she wants to go out with you the next week to a place she enjoys. Tell her that you would appreciate more time to get to know her and plan to meet up a few days after.

Conclusion: ask her for her number

You don’t want to stand up in the middle of the road chatting with the girl all night. You need to project the image of a man in demand and perhaps the girl doesn’t have that much time either. Apologise for being busy and having to cut the conversation: this is a good excuse to get her number! Don’t forget that you must honour your promises and call her back when you told her you would.        

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