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Some Habits to adopt to become Seductive

Some Habits to adopt to become Seductive

Being seductive goes hand-in-hand with being comfortable in your own skin. You cannot be depressed and suffering with your everyday life and pass for a charming and attractive man, simply because you cannot portray the image of someone positive and confident. Here are some easy exercises to become seductive.

Identify the fallbacks

It is necessary to note all the habits that would hold you back from appearing “seductive”. It all boils down to three main things:
• To plan every detail meticulously thinking that if you prepare hard enough, you will seem seductive (whereas, on the contrary, you lose all spontaneity…)
• To be overwhelmed with emotions and not be yourself
• To be fearful of facing your partner

Let yourself go; live in the moment

In order to feel comfortable performing as a seducer, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin first. Don’t stress out and worry about the moment. Be confident and risky and you will win the heart of your love.

Meditation, your new best friend

In order to learn how to chase negative thoughts away and condition yourself to face stressful situations that usually paralyse you, you must learn how to mediate. Every day, for 10 minutes, morning and evening, sit in a calm and relaxing area. Listen to soft music that you like, preferably without lyrics, or even download meditation music (there are many available online or even on YouTube). Close your eyes and breathe in slowly and steadily. While breathing out, allow all your negative thoughts to flow out as well. Concentrate on your heartbeat and releasing your negative energies. Even if, when starting out, it is difficult to concentrate, stick with it. This will teach you to live in the moment and be more connected to the reality. Releasing negative thoughts will help you to be happier, more confident, more motivated and overall a better seductor.

Sort out your sleep cycle

Our body captures energy through the eyes. Indeed, natural light has a huge positive effect on our brain, which is why it is important to base your day and sleep schedule on the solar cycle. To feel better and have more energy, you need to stop spending several days back-to-back binge watching Netflix, with the halo of your computer screen being the only light in your apartment. Rather, try to wake up early, open the blinds and take a walk in order to profit from the natural light. It even gives your skin a healthy glow. The power of natural energy can boost your impact as a seducer.


These habits to take up in your everyday life are simple and they help you to combat stress, fear of facing the other and procrastination.

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