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The Ultimate Outfit of a Seductor

The Ultimate Outfit of a Seductor

A seductor who is on the hunt usually has several objects at his disposition to be efficient and ready to face multiple situations. Here is a list of the objects that make up the “Seductor Pack” of the ultimate Don Juan.

The Ultimate Outfit of a Seductor

Condoms: This may seem obvious but we’re interested in your safety and health and we’d like to stress the importance of being responsible and protecting yourself and your partner(s).  Some seductors don’t keep condoms handy, not wanting to spoil the moment or dampen the mood. The best thing is to keep one or two in your wallet at all times. After all, you never know when you might need one 😉

A cigarette lighter: Whether you’re a smoker or not, having a lighter is a classic amongst seductors. This is a practical way to start an interaction with a woman who is a smoker. In the event that a woman comes up to you to ask if you have a lighter, you are always prepared. In this case, you can charmingly offer her your lighter, and stick around as she smokes. Have a chat with her; she won’t escape because you’re the good samaritan who lent her your lighter.

A guitar: It is urgent that you learn how to play the guitar! With a few minutes of training per day, you could quickly learn the basics. This will make you stand out from other men and attract women like a magnet. A guitar is a powerful tool in seduction. Most of the songs on the radio right now have 4 or 5 chords that are played over and over so if you master these chords, you could appear a musical genius! This is a great tactic to interact with girls, especially if you play in a concert or open-mic session.

A hat: If it suits you, it will increase your charm instantly. A fendora + guitar is the combo that could make you the king of the evening! Additionally, if a girl takes your hat and puts it on her head, it is a true sign of interest and an invitation to take things further.

Jewellery / Piercing / Tattoos: Anything that can increase your style and make people talk about you is a good idea to take. A ring on your pinky finger can make you stand out and be original, a tattoo on the biceps can allow you to show off your muscles. This can attract girls as well, as they are very attentive to these sorts of details.

Chewing gum: Bad breath is a feature that can completely destroy any hope of being seductive. Being close together physically is one of the steps before kissing a girl. Having bad breath will put her off and she will never kiss you. So keep some chewing gum handy at all times!        

A bottle of alcohol: Of course, we do not encourage the psychopaths who get girls drunk to abuse them. No. A woman should never be abused. However, it has been scientifically proven that alcohol makes you more attractive in the eyes of someone who has drunk. In addition, it calms people down and allows them to free their inhibitions. Why not offer a girl a drink in moderation and respect to relax the atmosphere and just have fun together!

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